My name is Kenan Diab, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, and I like physics and math.  I graduated from MIT in June 2011 with degrees in physics and math, and in Fall 2011, I began my Ph.D. in high energy theory at Princeton University.  My advisor is Prof. Juan Maldacena.

My physics interests lie mainly in high energy theory, and my mathematics interests lie mostly in differential geometry, although I often venture outside of these comfort zones.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jacob Wise says:

    Hi Kenan
    Found your blog!

  2. sina says:

    Hi Kenan,
    I’m senior of physics in University of Tabriz in Iran. To be honest one of my major aims in there years is getting admission by a top level university in America. But unfortunately I encounter with lots of problem in both side, inner and outer side. I’m extremely enthusiast in gravitation, high energy and specially string theory. I confess the depth of my knowledge in this area is shallow, and this bother me. I in this complex situation need some friend for supporting me in emotion and sometimes in scientific fields. Best wish,

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